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      As HI expands its programs focusing on end-user needs, Media Partners will be essential in reaching end-users in specific industries and global markets and sharing information on HI and its resources. Media Partners will help HI extend its brand, increase the visibility of HI activities and resources and ensure that HI’s advocacy efforts have a higher degree of impact.

      An HI Media Partner is a partnership, company or corporation that is engaged in the business of mass communication that focuses on pumps or related products or the industries in which pumping equipment is used. Media Partner affiliation is company-based however its privileges and benefits can be extended to employees and contractors working for the Media Partner.

      The HI Media Partner program is designed for, and open to, organizations seeking to contribute to the communication and dissemination of information regarding the Hydraulic Institute and its activities and resources designed to help advance the pump manufacturing industry, and address issues that pump end-users face worldwide. These activities and resources may include HI Meetings, standards, guidelines, guidebooks, educational offerings and advocacy activities.

      Working collaboratively with HI, Media Partners will help end-user communities gain up-to-date knowledge of HI activities, programs and resources. To learn more about HI, Media Partners are encouraged to attend regular meetings of the Institute where participation will be limited to select portions of the meeting; including the general sessions and social events. Media Partners may sponsor activities at HI Meetings provided they are coordinated in advance with HI so they can be embedded in the program and do not distract from the conduct of HI business.

      Media Participants agree to act with integrity, adhere to the HI Code of Conduct, respect the intellectual property of HI and its members and ensure that the information shared is accurate and unbiased towards the Industry and HI Members.

      See a complete list of HI Media Partners.

      To learn more about the program or to apply, download a copy of the program brochure and application.

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