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ANSI/HI Standards
ANSI/HI Pump Standards
Essential Tools of the Trade

ANSI/HI Pump Standards are Invaluable Business Assets

Developed in the public interest and designed to help eliminate misunderstandings between pump manufacturers and pump users, ANSI/HI Pump Standards assist the user to:

  • Select, purchase and test the proper pump for a particular need
  • Decrease design costs and avoid miscommunication
  • Increase pump and systems reliability
  • Accurately determine pump performance
  • Train and appropriately teach others in an organization
  • Reduce life cycle costs, improve pump systems efficiency and save money

Four formats to suit your preference:

  • CD-ROMIdeal for single‑users who seek convenience, efficiency and portability. A complete set of Standards with searchable electronic indices to locate any topic quickly. Single-user license entitles two installations for desktop/laptop, office/field use.
  • PDF Download — Also ideal for single‑users — desktop access to individual Standards including an electronic index for simple document navigation. Get immediate access to the Standard(s) you need with no added shipping/handling charges.
  • Hard Copy — Can by shared by multi‑users or placed in a library. Get the complete set of Standards in five sturdy three-ring binders or purchase individually to suit your particular need. Hard copy Standards are ideal for archiving.
  • Standards by Subscription — Web-based Eight online "packages" designed to fit the specific needs of multi‑user organizations. Get company-wide access for one or more simultaneous users. Available 24/7 — from anywhere in the world that you have Web access.