Positive Displacement Pumps:
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Continuing Education Credits

The Hydraulic Institute Positive Displacement Pumps E-Learning course is designed to provide individual users with a broad, comprehensive knowledge of positive displacement pumping technologies. By successfully completing the course module(s), participants will enhance their professional competency and earn Professional Development Hour (PDH) credit for their participation (click here for important details).

As a general rule, PDH credit for continuing education is awarded 1 PDH credit per 1 hour of participation in a course. We estimate the time necessary to complete each of the Positive Displacement Pumps E-Learning course modules, and to take the module examination, to be 1.5 - 2 hours. Each module of the Positive Displacement Pumps E-Learning course earns two (2.0) PDH credits.


A link to the module examination, and instructions on use, will appear at the conclusion of the course: the examinations are open-book and will cover the material addressed in the module. You must score a passing grade of at least 90% in order to receive the Certificate of Completion. A Certificate of Completion, with the PDH credit indicated, will automatically print upon passing; you may re-take the examination (immediately if you choose) if you do not score at least 90%.

Record Keeping

Hydraulic Institute will retain the records of course participation, examination grades, and the awarding of Certificates of Completion for six (6) years. You may contact the Hydraulic Institute for a transcript of your completed modules at education@pumps.org.

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