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    • Engineering_ConsultantsA partnership between Engineering Consultants, Pump Users, the Hydraulic Institute & Pump Systems Matter
      Those familiar with the Hydraulic Institute know that one of its key services to the pump industry is the writing and updating of the ANSI/HI Pump Standards. For many years the Standards were developed and maintained by volunteer committees exclusively comprised of HI's pump manufacturer members. Non-members in the pump industry were invited to provide their input through their participation in the ANSI Canvass review process. In recent years, however, it was determined that in order to develop certain standards, the expertise of engineering consultants and pump users was needed. Today, HI members work side by side with representatives from the engineering and pump user community to develop our standards. 

      Partnership Highlights:

      Engineering consultants and pump users can now share a relationship with the Hydraulic Institute as a Standards Partner and with Pump Systems Matter as a Sponsor.  A valuable package of HI/PSM products and services offered to "Standards Partners" far exceeds the investment required and positions your company as a pioneer in supporting and creating pump standards.  Benefits of becoming a Standards Partner include:

      • Standards development participation
      • Networking, education and professional development
      • Discounted conference registration fees
      • Complimentary HI Standards on CD-ROM or by subscription
      • Copies of HI/PSM Guidebooks
      • Seats to Online Courses: Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps
      • Consultant's Directory and HI web listing - web traffic of 40,000+ a month
      • Discounts on hosting PSM training classes

      Corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and government agencies with offices in North America that are engineering firms, or provide engineering services, or are end-users of pumps may participate as a "Hydraulic Institute Standards Partner".  To be eligible, the organization or individual must meet either of the following two criteria:

      • Must provide pump and pumping system engineering, process or facility design, procurement, project management, construction services, hydraulic or mechanical modeling, analytical methods, or laboratory or field-testing to a facility owner, government, or vendor.
      • Must be an end-user of pumps.

      Corporations which are eligible to join the Hydraulic Institute are not eligible to become Hydraulic Institute Standards Partners.

      All applicants will be initially reviewed by staff to ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria. Partnership is on a corporate basis and is renewable annually. Use of the Standards Partner logo is restricted to approved entities who, by virtue of paying their annual fee, entitle them to this privilege.

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