• 100th Annivrsary Poster

    This 24" x 36" poster was created by New York marketing agency Strategy Studio in collaboration with a team of HI members to commemorate HI's 100th anniversary.  The poster was designed to illustrate the importance and prevalence of pumps in society.   You will notice that pumps are shown at the center of the earth to symbolize the critical role pumps play in supporting the world's most essential systems.  The images of the pumps shown are taken directly from the Hydraulic Institute standards and reflect all of the major pump technologies - centrifugal, vertical, rotary, air-operated, reciprocating, and controlled-volume metering - as do the products manufactured by HI member companies.  Shown on the earth's surface are images representing many of the markets pumps serve including agriculture, oil & gas, chemical processing, building services, water and wastewater, power generation, and mining.

    The poster was designed with Millenials in mind.  It is intended to engage the viewer and peak his or her interest in learning more about the pump industry as a potential career path.

    All HI members received a framed copy of the poster in honor of the milestone anniversary.  If you wish to order copies contact

    Thank you to our poster sponsors!

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