Engineered Software, Inc.

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Engineered Software, Inc. Corporate Profile

Engineered Software, Inc. is a privately owned company comprised of two award–winning product lines – PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO Solutions. Both of these industry-leading products boast strong brand recognition, dominance in their respective markets, and are backed by a company with over 20 years of experience in the software development business.

PIPE-FLO was created in 1982 to meet the requirements of engineers and designers who needed to size individual pipelines, select equipment, and understand how the complete piping system operates.

PUMP-FLO Solutions was created in 1986 as the world’s first centrifugal pump selection program. Since then, PUMP-FLO Solutions has built a powerful suite of software programs to streamline manufacturer’s traditional business processes including pump selection, pricing/configuration, quotation, lead generation, and order processing. More than 90 worldwide pump manufacturers currently support PUMP-FLO software.

Through PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO Solutions, Engineered Software offers a total solution for both design engineers and pump buyers.

  • Market Profile
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Pulp & Paper Industry
    • Waste Management
    • Wastewater Utility
    • Agriculture
    • Defense
    • Chemical Industry
    • Recreational Industry
    • Food Industry
    • Metal Mfg. & Mineral Ore Proc.
    • Hospital & Healthcare
    • Education
    • Marine Industry
    • Plastic Materials & Synthetics
    • Mining
    • Petroleum - Distribution
  • Product Profile
    • Pump Software
  • Trade Names
    • PIPE-FLO®
    • PUMP-FLO™


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