PSIM Download

PSIM Download

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PSIM is a collaboration between the Hydraulic Institute and Applied Flow Technology.

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Software overview:

PSIM 2 is a freely available pump system modeling tool including the following capabilities:

  • Highly graphical, drag-and-drop model building
  • Centrifugal pump modeling including:
    • Pump sizing
    • Variable speed drives
    • Impeller trimming
  • BEP calculations
  • NPSH calculations
  • Viscosity correction to pump curves (using HI methods)
  • Power calculations
    • Energy usage and cost
  • Positive displacement pump modeling includes:
    • Generated head
    • Power calculations
    • Energy usage and cost
  • Ability to model flow and pressure control valves
  • Generation of pump vs. system curves
  • Ability to model different types of fluids
  • Ability to model pipe networks with up to twelve pipe elements

How PSIM 2 helps you in your job?

With the challenges of today‚Äôs marketplace, your fluid handling systems must be both cost effective and energy efficient. It is essential that users evaluate the total pump system in their design. PSIM 2 is focused on helping you better understand the hydraulic behavior of pumping systems. Using state-of-the-art solution algorithms and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, PSIM makes it easy to calculate the pressure drop and flow distribution in both straight-path and simple branching or looped pumping systems. PSIM calculates pump energy usage and energy cost over time using Net Present Value concepts. PSIM creates pump vs. system curves, a powerful tool to help engineers better understand the intricacies of pump system behavior.

How to use PSIM 2?

PSIM 2 users build models of pumping systems using drag-and-drop icons on a user friendly graphical workspace. Pipe, pump and component data is entered by simply double-clicking the displayed pipe run or icon. Here users will find a range of input fields which permit simulation of a wide range of pump system behavior.

Users select fluid property data from the provided library, or enter their own fluid data. Users can customize the content of output reports and graphs, including on-the-fly engineering unit selection from traditional English or SI units. Optionally, users enter energy cost data and then use PSIM to evaluate the cost of pump operation.

PSIM Download


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