Standardizing Pump Processes at the Hydraulic Institute Annual Conference.

HI Standards Partner, Kimley-Horn, shares their perspective on the standards writing process after attending the HI Annual Conference. 

Blogs, PSM Newsletter, PSAP, Water/Wastewater | March 31, 2021

Municipal Water Cavitation Fail

Most municipal water case studies do not begin in a lab, but this one does. Eric Dole, a certified Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) with two patents to his name, was conducting research on electrocoagulation in a lab at Red Rock Community College outside Denver. A supervisor at Consolidated Mutual Water, who also taught at the school, was curious about the test and introduced himself.

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Blogs, PSM Newsletter | March 31, 2021

Calculate Pump Savings Quickly and Accurately

Replacing an old pump or specifying a new one comes down to cost. While we can’t help you with your budget, the Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Savings Calculator can help you get the most pump for your money by determining life cycle energy and cost savings. It bases those calculations on your specific application and local electricity costs, and best of all, the calculator is free.

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