What does BEP mean to you?

The BEP, or Best Efficiency Point, is the point at which the pump operates at peak efficiency.

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Enjoy some more BEP resources!

A Guide For Pump Efficiency Prediction – Attainable Efficiency in Rotodynamic Pumps

The pump industry faces a formidable challenge of improving efficiency to align with the ever-increasing need to reduce energy consumption and mitigate carbon emissions.

ANSI/HI 9.6.3-Rotodynamic Pumps – Guideline for Operating Regions

This standard defines the preferred operating region (POR) for rotodynamic pumps based on pump specific speed. Additionally, factors that are considered in the setting of the allowable operating region (AOR) are detailed, and the effects of operating away from the pumps best efficiency point (BEP) are discussed.

Engineering Data Library: Pump Curves

A pump’s best efficiency point is defined as the flow rate and head at which the pump efficiency is the maximum at a given speed and impeller diameter. Typically, a pump is specified to have its duty point, or designed operating point, at BEP.