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The HI Engineering Data Library (EDL)is a comprehensive guide for pump users, pump manufacturers and engineers in need of references for pump principles, calculations and unit conversions.

December 14, 2021

New Funding for Pumps, Labor Shortages Will Dominate Pump Landscape in 2022

This coming year will see some profound changes in the pump systems landscape. These range from new funding for water systems and labor shortages to renewed emphasis on sustainability and the continued growth of smart pumps.

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A collection of frequently asked questions about Rotodynamic Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps, Pump Systems, and General Pump Standards.

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HI guidebooks address pump related topics from a practical perspective and end-user focus. Pump guidebooks provide in-depth explanations of specific applications or components and address system concerns including assessment, optimization, reliability and life cycle costs to improve pump system efficiency and energy consumption.

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