Pump System Training, Blogs, General, Commercial Building, Technical, General Industrial, Workforce Development, Training, PSM Newsletter | March 28, 2024

Workforce development resources needed to support the 1.1 MM job openings in construction, manufacturing, and mining

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, US employers are looking to fill 8.9 MM open jobs as of January 2024, which is a slight improvement from the 10.4MM openings the prior January. With about 1.1 MM of these openings in construction, manufacturing, and mining, it illustrates the continued need of manufacturing and construction companies to focus on transferring knowledge from their aging workforces and bring new hires up to speed on the fundamentals so that they can focus on the higher-level job specific training.

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Technical, Workforce Development, PSM Newsletter, General, General Industrial, Blogs | March 28, 2024

New Certifications Developed to Address Workforce Challenges

The pump and fluid handling industry is not immune to the workforce challenges facing other industries. To address this challenge, the Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter have aligned its focus on a strategic direction to: 1. publicize the vital and important role of pumps in society and attracting talent to the industry 2. develop standardized introductory and fundamental training 3. developing fundamental level certifications.

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Blogs, Technical, Standards | November 9, 2022

ANSI/HI 14.6-2022: Rotodynamic Pumps

In 250 BCE, Ancient Greeks and Romans used a device called the Archimedes screw: the first water pump, which was shaped as a giant screw and used to raise water. ANSI/HI 14.6-2022: Rotodynamic Pumps For Hydraulic Performance Acceptance Tests provides critical performance test procedures for rotodynamic pumps to ensure they are safe to use.

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Technical, Blogs | September 13, 2022

A Guide to Pump System Assessment

When pump systems are not optimized, it impacts a facility’s bottom line with increased maintenance, lost production and higher energy costs. System optimization is a cost-effective way to improve reliability and reduce energy consumption while improving process control to meet the process requirements.

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Blogs, Technical | March 21, 2022

Reliability Basics: Understanding NPSH, POR, and AOR

The pump industry uses acronyms so often, we sometimes gloss over their true meaning and importance. So, let’s review the concepts behind three terms that have a huge impact on pump reliability: Net positive suction head (NPSH), preferred operating region (POR), and allowable operating region (AOR).

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