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Blogs, Training, General, Free Tools | April 9, 2024

200 STEM Students Learn about Pumps

HI staff presented to 200 high school and college STEM students so far in 2024! The presentation exposes the next generation to the pump industry before they have formed a career direction. Using HI’s workforce development resources, this presentation walks through Paris 2024 Olympic preparation as a case study. HI Member and Partner organizations can further spread the word in their area by utilizing HI’s workforce development resources.

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Blogs, PSM Newsletter, Free Tools | June 15, 2021

Engineering Data Library: A Reliable Web Resource

Let’s face it, no matter how well you know your pump system it’s good to have an accurate, up-to-date reference when it comes to checking up on pumping fundamentals, fluid properties, and pipe system friction losses. Whether it involves changing the setpoint of an active valve or reviewing wear when pumping slurries, the Hydraulic Institute’s Engineering Data Library is an important resource.

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