200 STEM Students Learn about Pumps

HI staff presented to 200 high school and college STEM students so far in 2024! The presentation exposes the next generation to the pump industry before they have formed a career direction. Using HI’s workforce development resources, this presentation walks through Paris 2024 Olympic preparation as a case study. HI Member and Partner organizations can further spread the word in their area by utilizing HI’s workforce development resources.

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By Amy Sisto, Manager, Technical Publications, Hydraulic Institute

In January of 2024, Amy Sisto, Manager, Technical Publications created a 50-minute presentation which notes the relevance of pumps in modern life. At its core, the presentation asks why do pumps matter, what is a pump, and what is the role of HI in the industry.

Using the current effort to clean the River Seine in Paris, France as a case study, the presentation illustrates how the engineering profession (and the pump industry) are helping Paris prepare for the upcoming Summer Olympics. In addition to highlighting the multitude of engineering disciplines within the pumping industry, the presentation also effectively integrates HI’s resources such as:

By using the example of the upcoming Summer Olympics in France, this presentation introduces the importance of the industry. Attendees of the presentation learned about the hazardous state of the River Seine since 1923, the impact of Paris winning the Olympic bid in 2015, the herculean efforts (referred to by local politicians as “The Swimming Plan”) taken to restore the river, the complex design of the existing system beneath Paris streets, and the future plans for public swimming access.

Since its creation, this presentation has been given to students enrolled in Parsippany Hills High School’s (PHHS) STEM Pathway Program and Rutger’s University’s Engineering Governance Council. Both presentations were well attended with a vigorous Q&A portion.

PHHS Assistant Superintendent, Denis Mulroony, alongside HI Staff Peter Gaydon, Deputy Executive Director, and Amy Sisto, Manager, Technical Publications
High School students from Parsippany Hills listening to Amy Sisto, Manager, Technical Publications presenting.
Deputy Executive Director, Peter Gaydon, presenting to Rutgers students.

Having a speaking engagement at your local middle school, high school, trade school, or university? HI is pleased to offer this presentation as a FREE toolkit for member and partner companies. The material has been reformatted to allow for some company and audience customization. Included are three iterations (sorted by audience) of the presentation, speaker notes, related HI campaign materials, survey form, and guidance on how to use the material.

Interested in learning more about the presentation toolkit? Reach out to Melissa Cosme at mcosme@pumps.org  



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