Blogs | February 21, 2023

Why Assessing Pump Systems Matter

Assessing pump systems periodically may well be one of the most important investments facilities managers can make. That’s because this strategy can provide a substantial return on investment.

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Blogs | February 8, 2023

Meet The Association

Michael Michaud, executive director of North America’s Hydraulic Institute (HI), talks standards, training, energy efficiency, the challenge of recruiting technical talent, and the importance of pumps.

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Blogs, PSM Newsletter | December 15, 2022

Five Warning Signs of Oversized Pumps—And How to Fix Them

There are several reasons why engineers typically oversize pumps when designing hydraulic systems. First, they want to build in a margin of error to accommodate uncertainties or changes in design or as facilities evolve. Second, engineers know that fouling, rust, sediment, and increased internal running clearances will reduce performance over time.

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Blogs | December 7, 2022

The Growth of Variable Speed Pumping

The Hydraulic Institute and Europump collaborated on the publication of Application Guideline for Variable Speed Pumping, which assists VSP end users and system integrators in the proper selection, specification, installation, control and operation of VSP equipment.

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Blogs | December 7, 2022

The Basics of NPSH & Pump Operating Regions

This article is aimed at defining the terms so that pump users understand their meanings. Users can also learn about resources available to better understand the requirements and why it is important to operate a pump within its POR and with adequate NPSH margin.

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