ARO Fluid Products

Hydraulic Institute

ARO Fluid Products Corporate Profile

Founded in 1930 by John Markey as Aro Equipment Corporation; located in Bryan, OH.l Early products included lubrication equipment hand tools, and couplers. In 1960, the common stock was admitted for public trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Valves, cylinders, and Air system components product lines were added in the 1960s (with manufacturing located in Angola, IN). The name of the company was shortened to the Aro Corporation in 1961. In the early 1980s, Aro introduced its successful line of air-operated diaphragm pumps. Ingersoll-Rand purchased Aro in 1990 and changed the name to Ingersoll-Rand Fluid Products. In the late 1990s, Ingersoll-Rand added Waterjet and Johnstone companies to the Fluid Products Division (Ingersoll-Rand acquired Waterjet in the late 1980s) Today, Ingersoll-Rand Fluid Products is known simply as I-R ARO, and I-R Johnstone.

  • Market Profile
    • Export
    • Miscellaneous Markets
    • Food Industry
    • Resale Sales Where End-Use is Unknown
    • Marine Industry
    • Mining
    • Wastewater Utility
    • Petroleum Refining
    • Water Utility
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Pulp & Paper Industry
    • Defense
    • Electric Power
    • Recreational Industry
    • Agriculture
    • Building Industry (includes HVAC)
    • Chemical Industry
    • Metal Mfg. & Mineral Ore Proc.
  • Product Profile
    • Reciprocating Pumps: Air operated
    • Reciprocating Pumps: Direct acting (steam)
    • Pulsation Dampeners
    • Pump Repairs/Retrofits
  • Trade Names
    • Max Air Valves
    • Provenair
    • Sierra Valves
    • Thunder
    • Unstallable
    • Alpha Valves
    • ARO
    • ARO Tron
    • Cylinders
    • Economair Cylinders
    • Genesis Valves


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