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Blackmer, Inc. Corporate Profile

Blackmer® is the leading global provider of innovative, high-quality sliding vane pumps, internal gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, screw and regenerative turbine pumps, and reciprocating gas compressor technologies for the safe transfer of liquids and gases. Blackmer pumps and compressors help customers optimize productivity and profitability while improving safety and environmental protection in the global chemical process, energy, transport, military & marine, general industrial, oil & gas, and food & beverage markets. The Blackmer legacy of innovation and reliability began in 1899 when Robert Blackmer invented the rotary vane pump. Since then, the company’s customer-first approach and impassioned commitment to performance, safety and world-class customer service continue to drive everything it does. Officially founded in 1903, the expert design and engineering teams at Blackmer utilize years of experience combined with the best available materials to make Blackmer a global leader in rotating equipment and technology. Blackmer, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, operates out of the PSG® Grand Rapids world-class facility. The facility is a commitment to continually increasing the company’s capabilities and product advancement and to providing support for its products and customers worldwide. The 198,000 sq. ft. ISO-certified manufacturing facility is dedicated to meeting the highest standards of product consistency and safety. Blackmer applies industry expertise and the latest best practices focusing on environmental sustainability. Blackmer is a brand of PSG, a Dover company. PSG is the global pump, metering and dispensing-solution expert, enabling the safe and efficient transfer of critical and valuable fluids that require optimal performance and reliability in applications where it matters most.

  • Market Profile
    • Wastewater Utility
    • Chemical Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Petroleum Refining
    • Petroleum - Exploration
    • Petroleum - Transportation
    • Petroleum - Distribution
  • Product Profile
    • Rotary Pumps: Cast & ductile iron


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