Teikoku USA Inc.

Hydraulic Institute

Teikoku USA Inc. Corporate Profile

Chempump is a Division of Teikoku USA Inc., headquartered in Warminster, Bucks County, PA just outside of Philadelphia. Chempump manufactures industry leading sealless and leakproof centrifugal and reciprocating pumps for use in a wide variety of applications in the chemical process, petrochemical, general industrial, OEM, nuclear power and water & wastewater treatment markets where containment and control of environmentally sensitive, toxic, expensive and difficult to handle fluids is required. Chempump products feature design, performance and dimensional adherence to all recognized Industry Standards rooted in 40 years of experience dealing with the most difficult pumping applications generating user reliance to specify Chempump to meet or exceed all requirements of any pumping service. Chempump is represented throughout the world by authorized sales agencies. These organizations are technically trained to support Chempump products, assist their application and can provide service and start up assistance when required. Chempump owns and operates a Service Center in Belmont, WV. Factory authorized service can also be performed by Texas Process Equipment based in Houston, TX. Application Engineering and system analysis is available from both the factory and sales agency personnel.

  • Market Profile
    • Resale Sales Where End-Use is Unknown
    • Agriculture
    • Chemical Industry
    • Export
    • Food Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Petroleum Refining
    • Water Utility
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Pulp & Paper Industry
    • Defense
    • Miscellaneous Markets
    • Electric Power
  • Product Profile
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Sealless centrifugal pumps, magnetic drive
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Sealless centrifugal pumps, canned motor
    • Conditioning monitoring equipment
    • Motors
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Navy shipboard, N stamp, multistage double case barrel type
    • Reciprocating Pumps: Controlled volume metering
    • Alarms
    • Pump Repairs/Retrofits
    • Field Service/Installation
  • Trade Names
    • Teikoku
    • Chempump
    • Chem/Meter
    • Dynapump


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