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CIRCOR Pumping Technologies Corporate Profile

Colfax Fluid Handling is a world leader in the development, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, service and support of pumping and fluid-handling systems. Specializing in positive displacement and centrifugal technologies, our products support a wide range of industries, from Power Generation and Oil & Gas to Commercial and Navy Marine to a broad range of Industrial applications. For over 10 years, Colfax has remained at the forefront of fluid-handling management by focusing on customer needs for precision performance around the world with a portfolio of pump products, deep expertise in critical applications, strong global resources and a company-wide commitment to excellence through processes such as the Colfax Business System. Colfax brings together brands that have led their markets throughout The Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific for decades. Through its Allweiler, Houttuin, Imo, Portland Valve, Tushaco, Warren, and Zenith products, Colfax delivers pumping solutions in the most demanding applications. Colfax products reliably move the most demanding fluids to keep manufacturing processes on-line, commercial and navy ships sailing, and electric power flowing without compromise. This is why, when precision is mandatory and failure is not an option, the most trusted name in critical fluid-handling is Colfax.

  • Market Profile
    • Export
    • Resale Sales Where End-Use is Unknown
    • Food Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Mining
    • Petroleum Refining
    • Pulp & Paper Industry
    • Defense
    • Wastewater Utility
    • Recreational Industry
    • Water Utility
    • Electric Power
    • Building Industry (includes HVAC)
    • Agriculture
    • Metal Mfg. & Mineral Ore Proc.
    • Chemical Industry
    • Miscellaneous Markets
  • Product Profile
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Single stage, end suction, frame mounted, over 6 inch discharge
    • Reciprocating Pumps: Air operated
    • Rotary Pumps: Stainless steel
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Single stage, axial split case, double suct. imp., 6 inch and below
    • Parts, Centrifugal: Repair parts for centrifugal pumps
    • Rotary Pumps: Cast & ductile iron
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Single stage, axial split case, double suct. imp., over 6 inches
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Single stage, single suction, all other in-line
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Two stage, volute or diffuser design, axially split case
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Single stage, end suction, recessed impeller design
    • Centrifugal Pumps: More than two stage, volute or diffuser design axial split case
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Two stage, volute or diffuser design, radial split case
    • Vertical Pumps: Vertical propeller and mixed flow pumps, diffuser design to 36 inches
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Submersible single stage, end suction, close coupled, wet pit
    • Vertical Pumps: Vertical propeller, mixed flow and radial flow, diffuser over 36 inches
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Other submersible
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Navy shipboard, N stamp, multistage double case barrel type
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Single and two stage, end suction, close coupled
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Vertical centrifugal sump pumps
    • Centrifugal Pumps: Single stage, end suction, frame mounted, up to 6 inch discharge
    • Rotary Pumps: Sealless design
  • Trade Names
    • Warren
    • FSXA
    • Houttuin
    • CIG
    • Jaguar
    • Emtec
    • GTS
    • I-Mag
    • Imo
    • Pump Tips
    • QuickServe
    • Tritec


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