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Valmet Flow Control Inc. Corporate Profile

Flowrox was orginally called Larox and was started in 1977. In 2013 we sold a division and changed our name to Flowrox. Flowrox manufactures peristaltic pumps, progressive cavity pumps, pinch valves, slurry knife gate and other associated equipment. All of Flowrox products are specifically engineered for the ability to pump, shut-off and control either extremely abrasive or corrosive mediums. Our peristaltic pumps are unique when compared to other peristaltic designs. Flowrox's peristaltic design is based on a single roller that rolls over the rubber hose once per every 360 degree revolution. Other designs compress the rubber hose twice every revolution and many have high friction forces. The Flowrox design has virtually no friction and places less stress on the rubber hose in the pump. The end result is a pump that produces up to 70% less operational costs when compared to competing designs.

  • Market Profile
    • Metal Mfg. & Mineral Ore Proc.
    • Water Utility
    • Petroleum - Distribution
    • Marine Industry
    • Miscellaneous Markets
    • Mining
    • Resale Sales Where End-Use is Unknown
    • Petroleum Refining
    • Petroleum - Exploration
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Petroleum - Transportation
    • Electric Power
    • Pulp & Paper Industry
    • Education
    • Agriculture
    • Textile
    • Metal Working
    • Chemical Industry
    • Waste Management
    • Plastic Materials & Synthetics
    • Export
    • Defense
    • Food Industry
    • Recreational Industry
    • Wastewater Utility
    • Aviation
    • Hospital & Healthcare
    • Building Industry (includes HVAC)
    • Water Treatment
    • Electronics
    • Irrigation
  • Product Profile
    • Pump Repairs/Retrofits
    • Field Service/Installation
    • Rotary Pumps: Cast & ductile iron
  • Trade Names
    • Flowrox PVEG pinch valves
    • Flowrox LPP-T transfer peristaltic pumps
    • Flowrox PVG pinch valves
    • Flowrox LPP-D dosing peristaltic pumps
    • Flowrox SKW wafer slurry knife gate valves
    • Flowrox LPP-M metering peristaltic pumps
    • Flowrox SKF flanged slurry knife gate valves
    • Flowrox D series dosing progressive cavity pumps
    • Flowrox SKH high pressure slurry knife gate valves
    • Flowrox C series progressive cavity pumps
    • Flowrox E series progressive cavity pumps
    • Flowrox EL series progressive cavity pumps
    • Flowrox Expulse pulsation dampeners
    • Flowrox Malibu smart pumps, smart valves & systems
    • Flowrox PVE pinch valves


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