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General Rubber Corporation Corporate Profile

Since 1950, General Rubber Corporation has been at the forefront of innovative rubber expansion joint design and manufacturing. With their experienced engineers and sales team, they are able to provide powerful solutions to even the most demanding applications across multiple industries and sectors. General Rubber is both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and leverage their state-of-the-art United States manufacturing facility to lower operating costs while respecting the environment. They are committed to providing quality, defect-free performance products at competitive prices. They are particularly proud of both their EPC focused and MRO focused programs. For the EPC sector, they offer a Best Piping Practice and Optimization (BPPO) program with benefits including but not limited to reducing material and construction costs as well as the system footprint. For the MRO sector, they offer a Plant Reliability and Efficiency Program (PREP) with the benefit of transitioning their customers from an overly conservative calendar-based replacement program, or a somewhat reckless run-to-failure based approach, to a condition-based predictive maintenance program. In addition, utilizing advanced materials and technologies has differentiated General Rubber as a leader in the industry and is the principal reason their performance products range “From the Simple to the Simply Amazing”.


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