Graphite Metallizing Corporation

Hydraulic Institute

Graphite Metallizing Corporation Corporate Profile

Graphite Metallizing is an independent manufacturer providing GRAPHALLOY ®, a proprietary graphite/metal alloy. Graphite Metallizing Corp was started in 1913 and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. GRAPHALLOY materials are self-lubricating and non-galling and are used to manufacture a wide variety of bearings, bushings, pillow blocks and wear parts for industrial machinery including ovens, furnaces, rolling mills, washers, mixers, seals, compressors and pumps. Pump engineers use GRAPHALLOY to lower maintenance costs, permit run-dry operation, and reduce clearances to increase stability and improve efficiency. GRAPHALLOY has been proven in a broad range of applications and pumpages from light hydrocarbons to boiler feed water to refinery bottoms.


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