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SJE Inc. Corporate Profile

Since 1975, SJE - Rhombus Controls has built a reputation as a world leader providing innovative water and wastewater pump controls and custom electronics for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications. SJE Rhombus distributes products through a growing network that consists of over 1400 distributors worldwide. SJE Rhombus control panels and embedded controllers effectively control pumps and motor loads. The alarm systems warn of threatening liquid levels and their switches control a variety of water and wastewater pumps and accurately monitor liquid levels. SJE Rhombus also offers custom control panels designed specifically for customer’s applications. Each panel carries Underwriter’s Laboratory safety certification for enclosed industrial control panel (UL 508) or enclosed industrial control panel relating to hazardous locations with intrinsically safe circuit extensions (UL 698A). SJE Rhombus is 100% employee owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Trust. To learn more about SJE Rhombus please visit

  • Market Profile
    • Agriculture
    • Export
    • Hospital & Healthcare
    • Marine Industry
    • Building Industry (includes HVAC)
    • Petroleum - Transportation
    • Wastewater Utility
    • Water Utility
    • Petroleum - Distribution
  • Product Profile
    • Field Service/Installation
    • Drives
    • Control centers
    • Load centers
    • Panels
    • Switches
    • Switchgear
    • Alarms
    • Conditioning monitoring equipment
  • Trade Names
    • Junior Super Single ® Pump Switch
    • SJE Pumpmaster® SPDT Pump Switch
    • Sensor Float® Control Switch
    • SJE Signalmaster® Control Switch
    • Sensor Float® Mini Control Switch
    • SJE Signalmaster® SPDT Control Switch
    • SJE Micromaster® Pump Switch
    • SJE Verticalmaster® Pump Switch
    • SJE Micromaster® Plus Pump Switch
    • Super Single® Pump Switch
    • SJE Micromaster® SPDT Pump Switch
    • Tank Alert® AB Alarm System
    • SJE Micromaster® AC/DC Pump Switch
    • Tank Alert® I Alarm System
    • SJE Milliampmaster TM Control Switch
    • Tank Alert® XT Alarm System
    • Installer Friendly Series TM (IFS) Control Panels
    • SJE Ampmaster® Pump Switch
    • Tank Alert ® 4X Alarm System
    • Build-A-Panel TM control panels
    • SJE Pumpmaster® Pump Switch
    • PS Patrol TM System
    • Double Float® Pump Switch
    • SJE Pumpmaster® Plus Pump Switch
    • Primex


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