Academic and Industry Partner Program

Individual engineering consultants, pump end-users, pump industry retirees and academics can contribute to the development of HI publications and educational resources through the HI Pump Partner Program.

Industry Partnership is on an individual basis and does not extend to the Partner’s business colleagues or to the business enterprise where he or she is employed.

Benefits of becoming an Industry/Academic Partner include:

  • Standards development participation
  • Networking, education and professional development
  • Discounted conference registration fees (for retirees and academics only)
  • Presentation opportunities at HI conferences and educational events
  • Discounts on HI standards, guidebooks, and education

*Applicants will be initially reviewed by staff to ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria. Partnership is on an individual basis and is renewable annually.

Eligibility Requirements: Industry Partner

Individuals that are employed by engineering firms, provide engineering services, are end-users of pumps, or are retirees may participate as a “Hydraulic Institute Pump Industry Partner”. Must provide pump and pumping system engineering, process or facility design, procurement, project management, construction services, hydraulic or mechanical modeling, analytical methods, or laboratory or field-testing to a facility owner, government, or vendor. Must be an end-user of pumps and/or retiree.

Academic and Industry Partner Program

Eligibility Requirements: Academic Partner

Any individual who is employed by or attends a college or university and who wishes to contribute to the development of Hydraulic Institute’s resources for the pump industry including standards, guidelines, guidebooks, and other educational materials is eligible to participate as a Hydraulic Institute Academic Partner.

Academic and Industry Partner Program


Individuals employed by corporations that are eligible to join the Hydraulic Institute are not eligible to become HI Pump Industry Partners but are encouraged to apply for membership. Individuals employed by companies whose primary business is in the distribution or reselling of pumps or related pumping equipment are not eligible for the Pump Industry Partner Program.

Academic and Industry Partner Program


Curious about the benefits included in each Partnership Program option? Download the informational PDF below.