Pump Component Suppliers

At the core of our membership, Pump Manufacturer or Members, drive development and set the agenda for the pump industry. Becoming a Member company of the Hydraulic Institute is a sign of quality, expertise and thought leadership.

Become a Member

Associate Members work alongside our Members community manufacturing the products used in and with pumps and pumping systems as well as in the development of standards, guidebooks and other educational resources.

Valued manufacturers of products such as motors, variable speed or other drivers, seals and sealing systems, bearings, component parts, gears, couplings, gauges, instrumentation and controls, coatings, lubricants and lubricating systems and pump-specific software gain extraordinary access to pump industry leaders from North America and globally.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility to apply for Associate Membership is open to corporations and firms engaged in the manufacturing of products or pump-specific software directly used in the design or ultimate use in/or with pumps or pumping systems. While all pump suppliers that sell into the North American market are eligible to join HI, the application forms and dues estimate calculations vary. See application for complete eligibility requirements.

Pump Component Suppliers

North America

If your company has pump manufacturing operations in North America, use these links:

Pump Component Suppliers

Outside North America

If your company manufactures wholly outside of North America but sells pumps into the North American market, use these links:

Pump Component Suppliers


If you would like to receive more information on membership, complete our Information Request Form or contact Membership@Pumps.org.