Application Guideline for Variable Speed Pumping


This guideline has been created to provide pump industry professionals and the end user operators of pumps with the knowledge required to apply variable speed pumping so that it will result in improved energy efficiency and increased reliability. This intension of this guidebook is to educate the pumping industry and to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the pumping equipment we all depend on every day.

  • Provides an overview of pumping characteristics for rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps
  • Provides an overview of system fundamentals including methods of control to meet system demands
  • Describes the advantages, disadvantages, and operational maintenance required in a variable speed pumping application
  • Illustrates the selection process for new systems and retrofitting to existing equipment
  • System features including: motors, variable frequency drives, harmonics, non-VFD variable speed technologies, and instrumentation and control principles
  • Comprehensive variable speed pumping case studies are presented that illustrate before and after system/control drawings and outline the return on investment

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Application Guideline for Variable Speed Pumping


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