Couplings for the Pump Industry Selection, Installation, and Maintenance


There are many types of couplings available for use in the pump industry today. Each has its own features and benefits, but all are required to perform three primary functions: connect two shafts, transmit rotary power, and accommodate shaft misalignment. 

Highlights :

  • This document outlines pumping industry standard practices to select couplings (including both flexible and rigid) based on application requirements.
  • The final selection factors, such as ease of replacement, system mean time between replacement (MTBR) requirements or coupling inventory minimization etc. are discussed. A specific coupling recommendation for an application will not be provided, but the steps given will help the reader narrow the field to products that can be selected based on preferences.
  • This document will review the most common styles of couplings found on pump applications across different industries today. These include both close-coupled and spacer versions for jaw style, wrap style, sleeve, tire, grid, gear, rigid and disc couplings. Along with coupling selection, how to maximize the life of the coupling with proper installation and maintenance are also discussed.

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Couplings for the Pump Industry Selection, Installation, and Maintenance


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Version history: 2017

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