HI 41.5-2021 Program Guideline for Circulator Pump Energy Rating Program

This version of the program guideline has been superseded. PDF copies remain available for reference.


The purpose of the Hydraulic Institute Circulator Pump Energy Rating Program Guideline is to define the requirements to participate in and list circulator pumps in the Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating Program. The Program Guideline establishes the method for testing circulator pumps to determine an Energy Rating value, and requirements for listing circulator pumps in the ER Program.

The ER Program benefits circulator pump end-users, specifiers, and purchasers worldwide by establishing a consistent approach to enable the comparison of properly selected circulator pumps based on the average power consumption. This accelerates the adoption of efficient products into the market, reducing the operating cost, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

To maximize the benefits, any corporation, domestic or foreign, that manufactures, sells, packages, or distributes circulator pump(s) within scope of the Program is eligible to participate in the Program to generate and display an ER label in accordance with the requirements described in this document.

This program guideline is offered as a freely downloadable document in PDF format from the Hydraulic Institute.

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HI 41.5-2021 Program Guideline for Circulator Pump Energy Rating Program


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