Pump System Certification (PSC) Levels 1 & 2

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PSC Level 1 Coming Soon!

Pump System Certification validates the knowledge and skills necessary to perform core functions within the fluid handling industry.

Supporting Your Workforce

Employers can use PSC to help develop the next generation of pump professionals.

Ensure employees have the knowledge of pump systems needed for their jobs.

Gain customers’ trust with an impartial testament to your employees’ skills.

Standardize employee development and training with clear benchmarks and a consistent learning path.

Stand Out and Differentiate Yourself

Launch a successful career

Develop a core foundation of essential skills paving the way to a fulfilling career in the fluid handling industry.

Assess knowledge and skills

The certification allows individuals to demonstrate their expertise to potential employers.

Gain a competitive edge

Gain a head start with an industry recognized certification for early-career professionals.

About the Certification

Provides third-party validation by the Hydraulic Institute that individuals have the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to apply general pump system fundamental knowledge.

  • PSC Level 1 is for new or entry-level technical and non-technical persons applicable to all jobs within the fluid handling industry.
  • PSC Level 2 is for more experienced individuals with job functions in sales, engineering, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, or operations.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge and Skills

Pump System Certification validates that a professional has in-demand knowledge and skills required by the fluid handling industry:

Introduction To Pumps
Pump Performance Curves & Power Consumption
Pump Systems
Rotodynamic Pump Designs & Types
Positive Displacement Pump Designs & Types
Drivers and Drives
Pump Components & Accessories
Pump Selection & Specification
System Design Considerations
Varying the Pump Operating Point
Testing, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Pump Installation, Commissioning & Startup

… and more.

Certification Exam Details

Prove that you have the skills employers in the fluid handling industry are seeking and start your career with confidence.

PSC Level 1 Exam Information

Expected LaunchSeptember 2024
Eligibility RequirementsEnrolled in or graduated from an associate degree or bachelor’s degree program, preferred in an engineering or technical field.
At least six (6) months of related experience.
Minimum Training HoursNot required, but recommended.
DescriptionThe PSC Level 1 validates that a successful candidates have competencies that include, but are not limited to:

○ In-depth knowledge of pump curves, system curves, and their interaction.
○ Identifying all types of pumps along with the extended pump product.
○ Understanding the basic operating theory of both rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps.
○ Recognizing major pump components, terminology, and understanding their purpose.
○ Performing basic pump industry calculations, such as power calculations and annual energy consumption.
○ Understanding different fluid properties.
○ Describing and applying basic concepts of variable speed pumping and control.
○ Understanding the causes of common operating problems.
○ Understanding basic installation, maintenance, and operation principles.
○ Determining typical application considerations.
○ Basic understanding of vibration analysis.
○ Understanding pump curves as a tool to troubleshoot pump performance issues.
Number of QuestionsMinimum 100 Questions
Types of QuestionsMultiple Choice
Note that PSC Level 2 is expected to launch in 2025.

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