Commercial & Industrial Pumps

Energy Rating Label For Commercial and Industrial Pumps

The HI Energy Rating Label for commercial and industrial pumps is designed to clearly indicate the power savings obtained from pump system upgrades and changes. The savings is calculated over the baseline established by the U.S. Department of Energy according to HI Performance Test Standards. The video below explains how the ER Label and HI’s database can calculate energy savings and help utilities manage rebate programs.

With the HI Energy Rating, it is possible to capture additional savings when a more efficient motor and/or controls are added to a pump after it has left the manufacturer’s facility, which is missed in the DOE requirements.

The additional savings are reflected in the new Energy Rating Certificate, which reflects an updated Energy Rating due to the addition of a more efficient motor and/or controls to a pump listed in the Energy Rating Database. The unique Certificate for an Extended Pump Product is logged into the Energy Rating Database where it can potentially be used in areas where electric utilities provide deemed incentives. ER Certificates can be generated on

Commercial & Industrial Pumps

Pump Savings Calculator

The Pump Savings Calculator is a tool that allows a user to calculate Life Cycle Energy and Cost Savings associated with a specific pump installation, incorporating impacts beyond Energy Savings and Pump Cost. This free calculator is a macro-enabled excel tool that is designed for users to calculate the difference in Life Cycle Costs associated with purchasing and installing efficient pumping systems, when compared to an installation with a lower Energy Rating (ER).


For more information on the ER certificate, watch our informational video.