Circulator Pumps

Extending the Mark of Energy Efficiency to Circulators

The Industry Mark for Energy Efficient Circulator Pumps

The Energy Rating label and database provides a clear and easy way to identify energy efficient circulator pumps inclusive of controls and indicates a range of possible power savings. The higher the Energy Rating, the more savings the circulator can provide.

Circulator Savings Calculator

HI’s Circulator Savings Calculator is a tool for users to learn about the potential energy savings and financial payback from the selection of efficient circulators. The savings are based on publicly available data at, where listed pumps have been tested in certified labs and their performance certified in the database.

An Instrumental Resource to Support Greater Sustainability

The Energy Rating supports the increased adoption of efficient products into the market that will save energy, maximize overall system efficiency, cut operating costs, and reduce carbon emissions. The Energy Rating label and database can be used by utilities and energy efficiency program administrators to provide incentives for the selection of energy efficient circulators.

Download our factsheets for more information on how the Energy Rating can benefit utility incentive/rebate programs and Contractors, Distributors, and End-Users.

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