Why Standards?

Hydraulic Institute standards support the pump industry.

Standards are developed by Hydraulic Institute technical committees which consist of volunteers from HI members, partners, and noted industry experts from diverse backgrounds and areas of interest.


From a broad knowledge base, the committees strive to develop comprehensive pump and system standards, guidelines, guidebooks, courses, and videos related to best practices for pumps, pump systems, and associated equipment.

An exhaustive collaborative process is used to thoroughly examine, re-examine, discuss, and debate various aspects of the content of each committee deliverable. Publication occurs, quite frequently as an ANSI-recognized standard, only when a consensus is reached. The purpose is to provide clarity, guidance, instruction, education, and training resources to the industry.


Through our process, immense synergistic benefits are achieved for the committee participants, member companies, the Hydraulic Institute, and the global pump industry. It has a value to each that far exceeds the costs of the development efforts. For these reasons and more, we invite participation in the Hydraulic Institute Technical Committees.