PSM Ally Sponsorship

    • Becoming a PSM Ally Sponsor

      By becoming a PSM Ally and Training Partner, energy efficiency organizations, utilities, and ESCOs can educate employees, constituent organizations, customers, associates and others in your service territory on how to achieve efficient pump system operations, while improving reliability and lowering maintenance costs that can result i energy savings by as much as 20% to 40%.

      The PSM Ally Program is designed to support the needs of electric power, water and waste water utilities, regional energy efficiency organizations, ESCOs and others that seek to offer pump and pump systems, energy-savings solutions in their markets and service territories. As a PSM Ally, you can choose from four program levels that offer increasing levels of services and benefits. By hosting at least one pump systems optimization course each year, your organization elevates to the status of PSM Training Partner.

      As a PSM Ally, once your organization hosts at least one PSO course, you can co-sponsor and co-promote any HI/PSM webinar offered throughout the year as a PSM Training Partner. Choose from one- to four-part webinar courses on pump and pumping system topics that will help add educational benefits to your existing value proposition.  

      For more information on how to become a sponsor please contact: 

      Current Ally Sponsors

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