1. Download the Lab Audit Profile Form: Download Lab Audit Form
      2. Download a free copy of HI 40.7 - HI Pump Test Laboratory Approval Program Guide: Download HI 40.7
      3. Purchase a copy of HI 40.6: Methods for Rotodynamic Efficiency Testing, become familiar with its requirements to determine if your testing facility is in compliance prior to scheduling an audit: Purchase HI 40.6
      4. Review your pump test laboratory procedure in comparison to the audit requirements of HI 40.7 to ensure that your facility is fully compliant and prepared for an audit.
      5. Complete the Lab Audit Profile form (one form per lab to be audited) and return to PTLAP@Pumps.org.
      6. Upon receipt of the Lab Audit Profile form, HI will send a price quote along with a Service Agreement requiring approval and signature.
      7. Once HI receives the signed Service Agreement and payment (per audited lab) your application package will be considered complete.
      8. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Service Agreement and payment, HI will forward the completed application to the third-party auditor for review.
      9. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of the completed Application, the auditor will contact you to schedule the audit.
      10. Based on the availability and proximity of auditors, on site audit scheduling time frame will vary, but every effort will be made to finalize these arrangements in a timely manner.

      For administrative questions about the program and audits, contact PTLAP@Pumps.org (in writing for purposes of clarity).

      For technical questions about HI 40.6 or HI 40.7 please contact HI’s Technical Director Peter Gaydon