ANSI/HI 7.8-2016 Controlled-Volume Metering Pump Piping Guideline

This version of the standard has been superseded. PDF copies remain available for purchase.


This guideline provides piping and accessory requirements used in the installation of metering pumps, and informs on the effects and interactions of inlet (suction) and outlet (discharge) piping on metering system performance.  This guideline applies to controlled-volume metering pumps, specifically those with pulsating flows. Types of positive displacement pumps include, but are not limited to, hydraulic-coupled disc diaphragm, hydraulic-coupled tubular diaphragm, mechanical-coupled disc diaphragm, packed piston, and plunger.

Controlled-volume metering pumps are commonly in industry segments including chemical, petroleum, slurry, water and wastewater, residential, electric power and more. System designers should use this guideline to ensure optimal performance and reliability of the controlled-volume meter pump.

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ANSI/HI 7.8-2016 Controlled-Volume Metering Pump Piping Guideline


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