HI 20.3-Rotodynamic Pump Efficiency Prediction


This standard presents an empirical method to predict normally attainable efficiency levels at the best efficiency point for select types of rotodynamic pumps. This is useful to determine an expected efficiency when the rate of flow, total head per stage, and speed of rotation is known. The pump types covered include: slurry, solids-handling, submersible solids-handling, paper stock, horizontal multi-stage, ASME B73 and API end suction, general end suction, API double suction, general double suction, and vertical turbine, mixed flow and propeller types. Additionally, major factors which influence pump efficiency including type of pumps, specific speed, surface roughness, and internal clearances are detailed.

The standard serves most markets as described by the pump types included. Pump end users, pump specifiers, and most pump professionals will benefit from this guideline.

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HI 20.3-Rotodynamic Pump Efficiency Prediction


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