Proper Lubrication Methods for Bearings White Paper (2019)

This version of the white paper has been superseded. PDF copies remain available for download.

Proper lubrication in a process pump is critical to components’ function and longevity. The key points for obtaining proper lubrication are understanding lubrication fundamentals and equipment/application details. The primary functions of the lubricating system in rotating equipment are:

  • Minimize or eliminate friction – separate moving parts
  • Wear control – reduce abrasive wear
  • Corrosion control – protect surfaces from corrosive substances
  • Temperature control – absorb and transfer heat
  • Contamination control – prevent dirt and wear debris damage

This paper covers some basic lubrication fundamentals and types of lubricants as well as different methods currently used for providing lubrication to the bearing. This paper also introduces the importance of maintaining the critical elements of lubrication, quality, and quantity, and different means of accomplishing them.

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Proper Lubrication Methods for Bearings White Paper (2019)


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