Energy Efficiency

Designing pump systems to reduce energy consumption is one step toward greater sustainability.


Pump systems may account for 40% of industrial energy usage, but they don’t have to.

As part of HI’s mission to enable the adoption of pump systems that cut energy use, we manage an ecosystem of training, certification programs, and standards that work together to raise:

  • the credibility of the professionals designing and assessing pump systems 
  • the bar for pump system energy efficiency
  • awareness and adoption of high-performance, reliable and energy-saving pump technologies that generate long-term cost savings

Better Business, Better World. Are there millions of dollars in energy savings coursing through your pump systems? 

Industrial plant engineers and managers can find out more about the business case for energy-saving upgrades to their pump systems—and the positive impact of all that conserved energy. Below is a snapshot of HI’s recently released infographic.

See the full version here.

Learn more about Energy Rating Label and Smart Pumps:

Energy Rating

Using a unique label, the program rates pumps and systems in the marketplace to show measurable comparisons of energy consumed.

Download the Pump Savings Calculator to Calculate Life Cycle Energy and Cost Savings.

Download the Circulator Savings Calculator to learn about the potential energy savings and financial payback from the selection of efficient circulators.

Energy Efficiency

Utility Resources

Content on this webpage is intended to support utilities in the development and implementation of pump-focused incentive programs.

Energy Efficiency

Pump System Training

Teaches pump system fundamentals, assessment, and optimization.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Conservation Standard

The U.S. Department of Energy regulations mandate more energy efficient pumps.

Energy Efficiency

Lab Approval

Ensures compliance with the HI 40.6 test standard, qualifying pumps for listing in the Energy Rating Database.

Energy Efficiency

Pump Systems Assessment Professional

PSAP certification provides confidence to pump end-users and other stakeholders that pump system assessors have the knowledge and experience to perform high-quality assessments which will lead to energy-efficient and reliable pumping systems. 

Energy Efficiency

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