Energy Rating

HI enables the adoption of more energy efficient pump systems. By managing an ecosystem of training, certification programs, and standards, HI raises the level of awareness and promotes increased sustainability. These initiatives include the Energy Rating (ER) label and database.

HI’s Energy Rating ER label and database allow users to view and verify data on pumps that indicates the power savings obtained from pump system upgrades and changes, helping to facilitate swift specification and, long-term cost and energy savings.

Commercial and Industrial Pumps

HI’s Energy Rating label and database are designed to clearly indicate the relative power savings obtained from pump system upgrades and changes. It supports the increased adoption of efficient products into the market that will save energy, maximize overall system efficiency, cut operating costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Pump system channel partners can leverage the label and database to better communicate incentives and energy-savings solutions to customers. Pump manufacturers can use the label and database to easily differentiate products based on power consumption.

The Energy Rating label for commercial and industrial pumps aligns with the scope of the U.S. DOE energy conservation standard (10 CFR 431 Subpart Y – Pumps) which benefits pump end users, specifiers, and purchasers worldwide by establishing a consistent approach to enable the comparison of properly selected pumps and extended products based on the pump’s average power consumption.

Labeling for Circulator Pumps

The circulator Energy Rating label makes it easy to recognize energy efficient circulator pumps inclusive of controls and indicates a range of possible power savings.

HI’s Energy Rating Label and Database

Build better Utility Incentive Programs with HI’s Energy Rating Label and Database. Public utility and power companies can use HI’s energy rating offerings in the development and operation of energy efficiency programs to meet regulatory goals and provide value to their customers through energy savings.


Download our informational PDF below to read more about the steps to participate in HI’s Energy Rating Program.