Pump Energy Efficiency Regulations

Certain Clean Water Pumps (Commercial & Industrial)

HI works with members and others, to create consensus on the technical parameters and efficiency standards among manufacturers, energy advocates and other stakeholders. Since 2011, the Hydraulic Institute has led the effort to organize the pump industry by facilitating the data gathering, developing the test standard incorporated by reference (HI 40.6) and negotiate the final rule with the DOE on behalf of the industry. In 2016 the US Department of Energy (DOE) issued the first-ever Energy Conservation Standard for certain Clean Water Pumps. In 2020, DOE began the review process to update the regulations.  Review the DOE notices to see the most up to date information regarding DOE’s activities regarding updates to the regulation. Information on the scope, standard level and uniform test procedure are provided here:

Pump Energy Index Calculator for Certain Clean Water Pumps

For pumps within the scope of the clean water pump final rule, HI has developed a calculator to determine the Pump Energy Index (PEI) of a single pump tested to the appropriate section of the Uniform Test Procedure.

HI has worked to develop standards and programs to support the clean water pump regulations and accelerate the adoption of energy efficient pumping solutions. The following is a series of white papers summarizing the DOE regulation for certain clean water pumps and related test lab approval and ER programs.

Circulator Pumps

On November 30, 2016 a 15 member Appliance Standards & Rulemaking Federal Advisory Committee (ASRAC) working group for circulator pumps has concluded its work in development of Term Sheets, recommending standard levels and test procedures for pumps. In 2021, DOE restarted the public process of moving the terms sheets to a regulation and has published a final test procedure incorporating by reference HI 41.5 and HI 40.6.  Review the DOE notices to see the most up to date information regarding DOE’s activities on related to regulations for circulator pumps. 

Dedicated Purpose Pool Pumps

The U.S. DOE has published a Direct Final Rule and Test Procedure Final Rule for Dedicated Purpose Pool Pumps.  The test procedure effective date is September 6, 2017 and the compliance to the test procedure for representations of the Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) and other test procedure metrics is required on or after February 5, 2018.  Compliance with the Direct Final Rule is required on July 19, 2021.  

For more information regarding HI’s activity with the DOE please contact Michael Michaud, Executive Director at mmichaud@Pumps.org or 862.242.5180 x1001.