Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. Corporate Profile

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (NHC) is an internationally recognized consulting engineering firm specializing in water resources. NHC is privately owned by its principals, and since 1972, we have successfully completed several thousand consulting assignments serving a wide range of clients throughout North America and the world. Our areas of expertise include pump station and municipal engineering, physical hydraulic modeling, computational fluid dynamics modeling, hydraulic transient analysis, river engineering, sediment transport, and hydrology. NHC has evaluated many different types of pumping configuration used in municipalities, power generation, and flood relief. Our experience with the hydraulic design, physical modeling, computational fluid dynamics modeling, troubleshooting, and pump station start-up of hundreds of pump stations has provided a broad base of experience to assist owners, engineers, and manufacturers in solving their problems and developing cost-effective designs.