Guidebooks and Papers


Name Pump Type Year created
Pump Systems Assessment: Body of Knowledge Rotodynamic, Rotary, Reciprocating 2017
Pump Systems Assessment Professional (PSAP): Certification Study Guide Rotodynamic, Rotary, Reciprocating 2018
Reliability of Pumping Equipment: Guidelines for Maximizing Uptime, Availability, and Reliability Rotodynamic, Rotary 2015
Successful Coordination of Variable Frequency Drives in Pumping Systems White Paper 2022
Understanding the Effects of Selecting a Pump Performance Test Acceptance Grade White Paper Rotodynamic 2018
Variable Frequency Drives: Guidelines for Application, Installation, and Troubleshooting Rotodynamic, Rotary, Reciprocating 2014
Vibration Characteristics of Stationary Engine Driven Rotodynamic Pump Systems White Paper Rotodynamic 2020
Wastewater Treatment Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Selection, Application, and Operation Controlled-Volume Metering, Rotodynamic, Rotary 2015
Water Treatment Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Selection, Application and Operation Rotodynamic, Rotary, Controlled-Volume Metering 2017