ANSI/HI 14.3-Rotodynamic Pumps for Design and Application


This standard covers the design and application of rotodynamic pumps of centrifugal (radial), mixed and axial flow types.  Pump types, performance characteristics, application considerations, and the design of hydraulic and mechanical features are covered in detail. Please view the table of contents button below for an understanding of the extensive design and application considerations within this standard.

This standard is the first edition, which combines past centrifugal and vertical pump standards that were previously published separately(ANSI/HI 1.3 and ANSI/HI 2.3). This standard applies generally to all rotodynamic pumps types and markets.  It serves as a resource for pump design engineers, pump specifying engineers, and pump end users.

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ANSI/HI 14.3-Rotodynamic Pumps for Design and Application


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