HI 40.5-Program Guideline for HI Energy Rating Program


The Hydraulic Institute (HI) Energy Rating (ER) Program Guideline defines the requirements to participate and list pumps in the HI ER Program. The program guideline establishes a standard method for determining an ER and a method to estimate energy usage for pumps within the defined pump equipment categories. The ER metric can be used by utilities and energy program administrators as part of a program to provide incentives for selection of pumps that, when properly applied, should result in lower overall energy use. This program uses the DOE energy conservation standards for pumps (10 CFR 431 Subpart Y – Pumps), which identifies pump equipment categories and baseline performance for pump categories within the scope. Any organization that manufactures, sells, packages, or distributes pump(s) within the scope is eligible to participate in the Program per the terms in the program application.

This program guideline is offered as a freely downloadable document in PDF format from the Hydraulic Institute.

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HI 40.5-Program Guideline for HI Energy Rating Program


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